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a free, fun-for-all-ages popup event showcasing works of art that incorporate light


a free, fun-for-all-ages popup event

Photos by Athena Delene

Meet the BEAM 2021 Artists
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Craig Huber.png

Craig has been a visual artist since 1973. Light, symetry, color, and numbers are his mediums of choice.

Craig Huber

Esteban Camancho.jpg

Esteban creates powerful environmental murals, which inspire people around the world to care more about the natural world and to join the global movement to become better stewards of the precious resources of life and wildlife in the biosphere.

Esteban Camacho

Debrae Firehawk_1.jpg

Debrae Firehawk is a dancer, choreographer, DJ, musician, singer, visual artist, and performing artist who has been directing, creating and performing for over 30 years.

Debrae Firehawk

Susan Detroy.png

Susan Detroy's art is about who she is, where she lives and what matters to her. Her art is wise, caring and intimate. She reaches out to tell a story, using visual images to express spirituality and commonality. She envisions her art as a path to connect with other humans in understanding.

Susan Detroy

Kelsey Leib.png

In the past few years, Kelsey has moved from sculptural textile work towards social practice. While the medium is different, it shares a meditative, contemplative aesthetic. Her work is about exploring human nature, promoting empathy, and giving voice to community.

Kelsey Leib

Chris Moody.png

Growing up queer in the middle of Texas, Chris created a sort of clash of passions and found the clashes merged to form new families. Now Chris is blending the mediums of photography, zines, drag, painting, and collage, etc. into one fun art experience.

Chris Moody

Cari Ingrassia.png

Cari Ingrassia creates participatory art experiences. “I strive to create work that is surprising but familiar, imparts a message or provokes a response, and highlights our unique human quirkiness while ultimately revealing our universal commonalities and connectedness."

Cari Ingrassia

Terry Holloway + David Placencia.png

David CP Placencia utilizes chaos to create harmony in his art, a reminder to find beauty in life. Terry Holloway's work​ ​focuses​ ​on​ ​exaggerated​ ​scenes​ ​of​ ​everyday​ ​life​ ​and the absurdity of American​ ​pop​ ​culture. Perhaos together they'll utilize exaggerated chaos ​to create a pop of absurd beauty.

Terry Holloway
David C Placencia


EDME performs and commissions underrepresented experimental works in order to expand the definition of what music is capable of achieving.


Fermata Ballet.png

Fermata Ballet Collective (FBC) was co-founded by seven dancers in the Pacific Northwest in June 2020, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. FBC serves as a resource for dancers and choreographers who have found themselves without jobs, contracts, or audition opportunities due to COVID-19.

Fermata Ballet

James Sartor + Justin Kittel.png

James and Justin make creative art with mirrors and light - at BEAM they will be showing their giant polyhedral kaleidoscope!

James Sartor
Justin Kittel


Clone creates immersive SciFi worlds and dystopian narratives with 3D holographic projection mapping, live motion graphics and electronic music.


John Van Strien.png

John is an artist, and electrical and software engineer, who engages in dance/movement, consciousness, motion capture, immersive and responsive experiences, generative art, and data visualization.

john van strien

Isaac Paris.jpg

Isaac Paris has dabbled in comedy, illustration, sound design and music in his career, and his latest interest is animation.

Isaac Paris

B. Junzou Kuroishi.png

B. Junzou Kuroishi has spent his life studying the effects of light and sound on the body and spirit. His work aims to reflect and convey his gratitude for sight and hearing.

B. Junzou Kuroishi

Amy Malloy.jpg

A dance performance with veils and projected images.

Amy Molloy

Open Eugene.png

Open Eugene is an Open Collective sponsored Code for America brigade in Eugene Oregon creating volunteer opportunities to help local civic organizations accomplish their goals using technology and fun, while promoting an open and inclusive local tech scene with interesting and fun events.

Open Eugene

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