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The ArtCity Impact Circle

The ACIC is dedicated to art as a catalyst that has the power to transform and transcend. We actively engage in the transformative process through the collective investment of money, time, and skill; and work with artists to collectively take action that impacts change through art.   




Who We Are

We are an inclusive impact circle who believes our collective giving toward bold socially engaged art has the power to create rich and powerful transformation.

What We Do

We make significant Creative Impact Investments in select ArtRising projects and in the organizations collaborating on these bold artistic projects that address challenges of our time. 

Join The ACIC in 2021

Click the "ArtCity Cafè" button to send an email regarding your interest in The ACIC and we'll arrange a meetup to discuss our mission and goals.

Why Join

The ACIC connect, learn and work together to create collective impact through art. Membership offers an opportunity for engaged and informed philanthropy, skill sharing, and learning in an inclusive environment. 

The ArtCity Impact Circle

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