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Welcome to the Artists+ Landing Page

The upcoming site is under construction


This project is being designed by ArtCity's Artist Leadership Team.

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An exceptional team of artistic leaders in Dance, Music,
Theater, Film, Spoken Word, New Media, and 
Visual Art are gathering.

Their Mission?

To identify, amplify, and support local artists to manifest exemplary work in our community. Selected projects are matched with individuals or businesses that

have the resources or skill sets for projects to thrive. ArtCity administrators

match projects and businesses or individuals that desire to be involved and

support the arts in a meaningful way.
Making Exemplary Art

The Artists+ program acknowledges that most people are more than we are

given the opportunity to be. Individuals in the business sector get a chance

to contribute to the creative sector in a meaningful way, and artists are

supported to make exemplary work for the community.

ArtCity and the artistic leaders are working to build opportunities and

collaborations with businesses and individuals to manifest these projects.  

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