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a free, fun-for-all-ages popup event showcasing works of art that incorporate light

BEAM 2020 • Friday, October 16, 2020 • 7:00 - 10:00
The Park Blocks at 8th & Oak

Dana Vion videography

Dana Vion photography

Meet the BEAM 2020 Artists

~ More Artist Video Below ~


Santiago Uceda is an illustrator and animator originally from Lima, Peru. Uceda’s influences include pre-Columbian art, nature, and social justice.


Maya Roussell is a multimedia designer, performer, and storyteller. She uses technology and modern media to explore topics of identity and social justice


Will Paradis is an Artist working in Eugene Oregon.

Will believes in multimedia experimentation to serve the evolution of Art


Kelsey Leib explores the physical versus spiritual self and meaningful human connection in her work, primarily through textiles and sound.


Stephanie Jackson celebrates the redemptive art of creating beauty from broken things through the medium of glass and tile mosaics.

BEAM_Fuzzy Beuys_promo-2020.jpg

Fuzzy Beuys is an artist collective bringing wonder to the community through projected visuals, sound compositions, and interactive installations.

Produced by

BEAM_Emma Scoot_artist-promo_2020.jpg

Youtuber, philosopher queen, ex-architect and hopeless utopian with shiny object syndrome, herself the shiny object much of the time.


I’m a multidisciplinary artist that specializes in creative concepts that stretch the imagination. Using both new and old technology, video, photography, design, fabrication, I create work that sometimes is fleeting, but always pushes the boundary of normal concepts. (


Michael Moloi is a South African performer.

His style/name (gumboot) was created in the mine in Johannesburg. In this performance he is playing with Joshua Caraco with a Kora instrument.


Dan Koss is an animator and production artist who loves creating and watching anything cartoon-related!


We strive to create art that enlivens the senses, diving into the depths of imagination to find what inspires us.

BEAM_Fermata Ballet Collective_promo-202

Fermata Ballet is a young ballet collective interested in creating and engaging with the community. Bringing artists and the community into a world of dance and collaboration. Dance being a collective experience where all bodies are dancing bodies.


Yona integrates a technical approach to design with artistic expression in his favorite medium: software. Yona co-founded Light at Play in order to realize his passion - the symbiosis of art and technology.


Lofty, a local Eugene band, creates not only funky and ethereal jams but also synesthetic light art pieces that enhance their live performances!


Isaac Paris has dabbled in comedy, illustration, sound design and music in his career, and his latest interest is animation.


See the magnificent Paisley Mae spin her colorful circles and levitate her glowing wand! Paisley Mae is a flow toy enthusiast specializing in LED and fire hula hoop dance and levitation wand.


Cari Ingrassia designs unexpected and participatory art experiences that foster a community mindset. I strive to create work that highlights our unique human quirkiness, while ultimately revealing our universal commonalities and connectedness.


In my work, I explore relationships between the body and technology through performance, interactive installations, and playful objects.


Susan Detroy is a multifaceted artist using digital artforms. “In The Now” is a self-reflective story exploring isolated pandemic life.

Event Partner


Geordi Helmick

Maya Roussell

Dan Koss

Susan Detroy

Cari Ingrassia

Joseph Peila


Event Sponsors


Yona Reil

Lloyd Madden

Onsite Vendors

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