Reflections Space: Shine ON is an assemblage piece created by the community. 

This is OUR art.
SHINE ON, which lives on the north fence on 30th Avenue between Harris and University St., experienced recent destruction by the hands of an unknown person. While this is disheartening, it absolutely won't stop artist Jarrell Blake.

We are calling on the community to come out in force and help her finish this piece. 

It is easy to participate!

MATCH your


*recycled item

*made art piece

*found object


to the outlined letter of the same color on  SHINE ON


to “fill in” with our tie-ons!


Let’s create together  +  SHINE ON.


Just like that.


Be sure to share a picture of you with your part of the installation

and tag ArtCity and Cultural Services— City of Eugene.
#ArtCityEugene #LoveLaneArt
We look forward to seeing how you participate!

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 2.01.44 AM.png

Created by: 

Jarrell Blake

in partnership with the amazing community of people who participate in this opportunity to create together. Special thanks goes out educator Grace Schubert and to Camas Ridge Community School for their joyful and continued support in bringing Shine ON to the community.

Presented by:

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Sponsored by:

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