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Intersecting Bodies

Farhad Bahram & Shannon Mockli

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"Intersecting Bodies" is a series of performances developed by visual artist, Farhad Bahram and Shannon Mockli, choreographer and performer. In 2018 this project was commissioned by The City of Eugene's BRIDGE Exhibitions, and was sponsored by ArtCity Eugene. This piece was performed in six segments, in collaboration with six different dancers, from July 27 to August 3, in Eugene, OR.

The performance includes an installation of a cubical glass room, covered with handwritten text; a short story written by Bahram, in Farsi, about a man who is trapped inside a room in which he gradually seems to lose his flair to discern between his body and the walls that he is confined within.

During the performance a relationship develops between Bahram and each dancer, as two attentively move in complete tandem with each other. It is from this focused attention on moving together that a subjective conversation and negotiation ensues in time and space between Bahram and each dancer, offering a reflection on how we allow ourselves to really see and listen to others as the starting point for understanding. The glass cube speaks to an axiomatic truth that as individuals, our understanding of this world and others is limited to our own unique physical existence—all we have within our skin.

Participating Artists: Farhad Bahram, Shannon Mockli, Bryant Henderson, Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner, Sarah Ebert, Margo Van Ummersen, Steven Van Buskirk

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