​The Umbrella Project

Social Distancing, The Umbrella Project, Kesey Square, Eugene, Oregon Installation by Charly Swing

Dana Vion PhotoVideo

A curated commission of Greater Eugene Artists who paint and creatively utilize umbrellas as temporary public art activations in Downtown Eugene

during the winter months. Produced by ArtCity in partnership with:

EMAIL HERE if you have questions regarding the auction.

Umbrella Auction


Support local artists while helping to end youth homelessness.

The online Umbrella Auction benefits 15th Night,

a youth-informed community movement to end

youth homelessness by connecting existing resources

and finding innovative ways to keep kids in school and

off the streets.

Click on "Umbrella Auction" above to start bidding.
Please note that more umbrellas are still in the process of being uploaded to the site.

Participating Artists

Dana Vion PhotoVideo

Dana Vion PhotoVideo

Dana Vion PhotoVideo

Dana Vion PhotoVideo

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